The Aircraft

The Yaks are the final iteration of several post-WWII designs by the legendary Sergei Yakovlev. The Yak-50 was in production from 1975-1986 with a total of just 314 built. The plane served as a competition platform and advanced trainer for Ukraine, Russia and Lithuania. The Yak-50 dominated the World Aerobatic Championships in 1976, taking the top two spots in the men’s competition and the top five spots on the women’s side. There are less than 60 Yak-50s still flying today.

Thunder 1

Barry owns and flies Red Thunder #1. It was built in 1985 and imported from the UK to the US in 2015.

Thunder 2

Karl owns and flies Red Thunder #2. This aircraft was built in 1985 and was imported from Germany to the US in 2020.

Aircraft SPECS:

• Length: 26 feet

• Width: 31 feet

• Empty Weight: 1,600 pounds

• Engine: 9-cylinder radial engines that produces up to 450hp

• Propeller: Turns counterclockwise, opposite of western built aircraft

• Initial Climb Rate: 5,000 feet per minute

• Top Speed: 245 miles per hour

• G’s: +9/-6